Pro Division

We are thrilled to announce the return of the Pro Black Belt Open Weight Division for our upcoming events! Up to $6000 in money prize for men and women Black Belt Open Champions and a 1st place AZBJJL Open Championship Belt.  In the past, high-level competitors such as Leandro Lo, Augusto Tanquinho, Robson Moura, Kron Gracie, Caio Terra, JT Torres, Bruno Bastos, Roberto Tussa, and many more have competed in Professional divisions at AZBJJL events. 

Now, It’s time to return to the Pro division. We will experiment with different formats throughout the year. For the next two events, AZ State Gi & No-Gi, the AZBJJL will offer the Prize money for 1st and 2nd place. Please read the following Pro Division stipulations BEFORE registering.

The prize money amount will be based on how many athletes register for the open weight bracket as follows:


Possible financial compensation:

$1000 * 2 to 4 Competitors/1st place $750 & 2nd place $250

$2000 * 5 to 8 Competitors/1st place $1500 & 2nd place $500

$3000 * 9 & up Competitors/1st place $2250 & 2nd place $750 

The 1st place winners will also receive a championship belt.


Black Belt adult open weight for men and women


Regular tournament registration fees apply. Black Belt weight divisions will be run as the first adult matches of the tournament.  The open class Pro Division will be held later that afternoon.

Brackets will be automatically generated and re-adjusted, utilizing seeding ranking points from the 2022 and 2023 seasons. 

No cash prizes will be allocated to any athlete who closes out in their final Open Class bracket match. 

Please remember that the ABJJL follows the same IBJJF disciplinary penalty regarding immediate double DQ. Here is article 6.1.5 in Disciplinary Penalties: When one or both of the athlete’s disregard the seriousness of the competition or perform actions simulating a fake combat.

An athlete will need to have at least one match in order to win prize money.

In a two-person bracket, competitor A will not be financially compensated if competitor B doesn’t show up. You must have a match.

In a five-person bracket, if a competitor doesn’t show up, the paying scale is reduced back to the previous one. On this specific example: From $2000 (5-8) to $1000 (2-4) 

In a nine-person bracket and up, if a competitor doesn’t show up, the paying scale is reduced back to the previous one. On this specific example: From $3000 (9 & up) to $2000 (5-8) 

It may sound redundant; however, we want to clarify as clearly as possible to prevent misunderstandings during the event.

* Organizer has the right to make all appropriate deductions and withhold applicable taxes from the athlete’s compensation as required by law; regardless, the athlete shall be responsible for paying all athlete’s state and federal taxes.

If you are a competitor and agree with the format, sign up today!