Pro Division

Annoucing adjustment of the Pro Division

We are thrilled to announce the return of the Pro Black Belt Open Weight Division for our upcoming events! Up to $6000 in money prize for men and women Black Belt Open Champions and a 1st place AZBJJL Open Championship Belt. For the Southwest Classic 2023 we will be offering a Light Open (under 168lbs) and a Heavy Open (over 168lbs).  Due to lack of participation in previous events we will not offer a female Pro Divison.  In the past, high-level competitors such as Leandro Lo, Augusto Tanquinho, Robson Moura, Kron Gracie, Caio Terra, JT Torres, Bruno Bastos, Roberto Tussa, and many more have competed in Professional divisions at AZBJJL events.  See the Pro Division page for details.

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