AZBJJL Black Belt ID Card Program

The AZ BJJ League has begun implementing the AZBJJL BLACK BELT ID card for coaches. 

With the AZBJJL Black Belt Card, you will be able to attend the events for the rest of the 2021 events free of charge. IDs from any other organization will NOT grant a free pass to black belts to attend the event or the coaches’ area. 


Black Belt ID Card Renewal

AZBJJL Black Belt ID Cards expire one year after previous payment/renewal.  The IDs cards can be renewed on the Smoothcomp website.  The black belt ID cards get you into all AZBJJL events for free.  The cards do not provide access to the gated coaches area.  Access to the coaches area is via the coaches wristband program (details here).  All proceeds from the Black Belt ID cards are directed towards Jiu Jitsu Tribe a 5013c non-profit organization supporting social projects for underprivileged youth.

Note:  Smoothcomp no longer supports printing of physical ID cards.  AZBJJL will just check the card status online at the events with a standard drivers license or similar ID.

Instructions for renewal are as follows:

 – Login to your Smoothcomp profile and click on My Account from the menu.
 – On the profile you will see Memberships – Black Belt ID Card.
 – If you card is expired click Settings -> Pay / Renew

Once you have completed the renewal payment the card will be good for one year from that date.