Coaches AREA Details

Coaches with Black Belt ID cards will get in free; however, only coaches with wristband will be allowed in the competition area.  We will also allow for assistant coach wristband(s) for academies with a qualifying number of registered athletes. 

 To accommodate assistant coaches we are going to provide wristbands based on the number of registered athletes for a given event.  The breakdown is as follows:

0 to 4 registered athletes – One Coach +  0 assistant coach wristbands

5 to 10 registered athletes – One Coach + 1 assistant coach wristband

11 to 20 registered athletes – One Coach + 2 assistant coach wristbands

Over 20 registered athletes – One Coach + 3 assistant coach wristbands

Some events will have separate lists for Kids and Adult divisions.  Some weekends we run multiple events on the same day, for example Novice Cup and NoGi State.  In the case of multiple events we will have separate wristband lists for each event.  Please see the Smoothcomp event page for specifics on the wristband allocations for that event.


Any coach who does not follow this code’s article, in or outside of the premises, will be prevented from joining their athlete(s) inside the competition area during the event. 

Additionally, the coach, athlete, or the academy are subject to penalties, such as suspension of membership, participation in other events, or can be banned from AZBJJL sanctioned event sites.

Regarding the annual fee of $25, 80% of this amount, $20, will be DONATED to the 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, Tucson-based, Higher Ground, and 20% of the amount, $5 be used for processing fees and extra expenses. 

Higher Ground works with youth and their families experiencing poverty or trauma by empowering them with character skills, stabilizing their communities, and supporting their social, mental, emotional, physical, and other dimensions of health. Higher Ground does this two ways: 1) by implementing different programs such as martial arts, dance, and arts 2) implementing community schools models across Tucson.

Transparency is a keyword when you’re donating or working with a nonprofit; that is why we will give you quarterly updates of how many people are registering with the League and how much is being donated. If you would like to know more about visit and 

Any time any organization wants to implement new procedures, most likely, it will not satisfy everyone, and it’s no different with the AZBJJL. For those who are not aware, we are one of the longest-running tournaments, not only in the United States but in the World.

It has been twenty CONSISTENT years of promoting jiu-jitsu in Arizona, inspiring people to challenge themselves in competitions so they can grow technically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Within these twenty years, we have made decisions that didn’t make everyone happy; however, we always with the best intentions of providing an even better service every year. If we didn’t make some difficult decisions along the way, we would not have grown the tournament from a forty-competitor in-house tournament to what we currently have.

AZBJJL does NOT focus on promoting anywhere but in Arizona, so if you believe in our work and intention to take the BJJ scene to another level, this tournament is for YOU!