Mat coordinators play a crucial role in running our events smoothly.  They are a big factor in ensuring that our events run on schedule.  The goal is to always have one match on the competition mat and one on deck.

Mat coordinators wear an orange vest with their mat number printed on the vest.  

You will have an iPad with an order of matches on your mat.  You will call your athletes to the gi check and weigh in area. When calling the athletes name please reference your mat coordinator number by saying “please check in with mat coordinator #6” or whatever your mat number may be.   Once the athlete passes gi check and weigh in they will wait in the bullpen area until you call them and walk them to the competition mat.

DQ for No Show

If an athlete does not show up to the bullpen area ahead of their match time on the fist call we will make a second call approximately 5 minutes after their first call.  If the athlete does not show after their second call we will make a 3rd and final call at that time.  It is recommended to let the head mat coordinator make this 3rd and final call.  If the athlete still does not show they will be disqualified.  The disqualification should be done by the head mat coordinator if possible and will be entered into our software by the weigh-in staff.  If the head coordinator is not available for to execute the disqualification the regular mat coordinator can do it.

Please be aware that sometimes our event run a little ahead of schedule.  Our intent is not to disqualify any athlete.  Please try to give them as much time as possible to show up to the check in area.  However, if you need to run a bracket and the no-show athlete is holding up progress of the bracket we will need to disqualify in order to proceed


Athlete Staging

When placing the athletes on deck they will be arranged on the left or right side of the scorers table based on gi color.  Dark color gi go on the left of the scorers table (facing the mat) and white colored gi go on the right.  If it is a blue and a black gi the blue gi is placed on the left.  If they athletes have the same color gi the athlete on the left will wear the extra green and yellow belt.


Post Match

After the athlete completes their match they should return to the bullpen if they won.  if they lost their match they should exit the competition area.  Once a bracket is complete athletes that placed in their division should be directed to the awards podium.

For kids we offer exhibition matches for kids that one had one match in their bracket.  These exhibition matches are optional and do not count towards their division results or team points.  The mat coordinator can ask the parent or coach of a kid who has only had one match in their bracket if they would like an exhibition match.  If yes, then the mat coordinator will walk the athlete to the exhibition mat where a staff will take their name, age, belt, and weight.  If a kid has only had one match but placed in their bracket they should go to the awards podium to receive their award before proceeding to the exhibition mat.

General Housekeeping

Please ask all athletes to keep shoes on at all times until they are ready to enter the competition mat.  Please ask all athletes to keep their gi top on while inside the competition area fencing.  This includes while waiting in the bullpen.

Before the start of tournament:

1. Check in with heath/Charissa for mat assignment and pick up your mat vest that corresponds with your assigned mat #.

2. Pick up your ipad tablet from it staff. ipad should be ready to go but if you have technical issues, please let it staff know.

3. Ipads purpose is for tournament purposes only. Do not use ipads for any other reasons.

4. If you find that your ipad battery reaches 20%, please let it staff know.

5. Go to your mat table and confirm that following items are there:

  • hdmi cable
  • usb mouse
  • laptop power cord
  • buzzer/whistle
  • laptop bag
  • yellow/green belt or wristband

If you are missing any item, please let it staff know.

At the end of tournament:

1. Verify with mat supervisor that your mat is done for the day.

2. Bring your ipad back to it staff, yellow/green belt, and mat vest to Charissa to sign you out.

3. Do not leave without getting signed off by Charissa.