We are currently living in an interesting time in the United States, let alone the world. Our social dynamics are changing for an indefinite period of time. It could be weeks, it could be months, but however long it takes, many Jiu Jitsu students are now without a gym, coaches or training partners. In the grand scheme of things, finding a place to train Jiu Jitsu, or even stay in shape, is relatively low on our list of needs. Ultimately, the goal is weather these changes in good health and good spirits. However, Jiu Jitsu a huge part of the lives of many people, and the effects of not training go farther than just losing your edge.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is only temporary. Many Jiu Jitsu students over time have found themselves in circumstances that prevent training on a mat with other people. Think about deployed soldiers, for example. They have improvised ways of getting their training without the trappings of civilian academies. We can look around for inspiration, and know that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

In case you are not plugged into the social media Jiu Jitsu culture, take a look at what’s going on with some of our high-profile instructors. BJJ Fanatics is a company that develops cutting-edge instructional content. Through their website and Instagram, Professors Bernardo Faria and John Danaher graciously offered free downloads of some of their instructional content. John Danaher specifically released a solo drills instructional to help with students who cannot access training partners right now. Other elite coaches such as Marcelo Garcia and Renzo Gracie are releasing daily technique videos on social media, as well.

Another idea is to stay in touch with your instructor and your team. Your instructor might share tons of useful info on how to stay sharp and stay in shape while schools are closed. He or she will also benefit from knowing that you are standing behind them as a student, and understand that this situation is temporary. Our schools will open again, and we will resume smashing each other on a regular basis.

In the meantime, you can also find an entire world of CrossFit Workouts of the Day, BJJ solo training programs, yoga, fitness, and all manner of at-home workouts online. Even if the exercise you are getting is not what you’re used to, it’s important to be open-minded and flexible so you can find the in-home training that’s right for you. As the saying goes, the best gym is the one you can show up to!

*Here are just a few resources. Many thanks to those in the BJJ community who are lending their time and effort to help us keep training while our schools are closed:

– John Danaher, BJJ Fanatics Free Solo Drills instructional

– Bernardo Faria, BJJ Fanatics (Coupon Code FARIAFREE):

– Caio Terra, two weeks of free online lessons

– Lucas Lepri, two week of free lessons

– Renzo Gracie, 30 days Free Online Access:

– JTS Strength has great BJJ related conditioning content on their YouTube Channel:

If you can think of any other helpful resources to keep us moving at home, please link them in the comments!