Scorekeepers play a crucial role in running our events smoothly.  They are a big factor in ensuring that our events run on schedule.  It is essential that scorekeepers are attentive to the matches on the mat and the referee hands gestures.


Scorekeepers will work in coordination with their mat coordinator and the referee.  The mat coordinator will bring athletes to the competition mat and place the athletes on opposite side of the scorekeeper table.  

When placing the athletes on deck they will be arranged on the left or right side of the scorers table based on gi color.  Dark color gi go on the left of the scorers table (facing the mat) and white colored gi go on the right.  If it is a blue and a black gi the blue gi is placed on the left.  If they athletes have the same color gi the athlete on the left will wear the extra green and yellow belt.  The scorekeeper may need to swap the names on the Smoothcomp scoreboard screen based on the gi color staging as explained in the Smoothcomp software tutorial video.

Referee Hand Gentures

The scorekeeper is responsible for watching the referee throughout the match.  The ref will use several hand gestures throughout the match for awarding points, advantages, and penalties.  Its the responsibility of the score keeper to log the ref hand gestures into the Smoothcomp scoreboard screen.  The followings video outlines the different referee hand gestures


Smoothcomp Scoreboard Operation

Once the referee provides a hand gesture the scorekeeper will log it into the Smoothcomp system.  The following video demonstrates the operation of the Smoothcomp scoreboard.

At the start of tournament:

on every mat there should be the following items on your table:

  • hdmi cable
  • usb mouse
  • laptop power cord
  • buzzer/whistle
  • laptop bag
  • yellow/green belt or wristband

you are responsible for these items and take good care of them. If youre missing any item(s), please let mat supervisor know.

At the end of tournament:

  1. Confirm with the mat supervisor if your mat is done for the day. If so, please shut down the laptop.
  2. Put away laptop in laptop bag along with the items below:
  • hdmi cable
  • usb mouse
  • laptop power cord
  • buzzer/whistle
  • Place cords in the front pockets of the bag
  • Also place this check off list back in laptop bag as well
  • Bring laptop bag and yellow/green belt to Charissa at the main table and she will verify and sign you out.
  • Do not leave until you get a sign off from Charissa.